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This resource is not intended as medical advice.
It was created as a tool for informed choice.
Consult your health care provider if you have questions about sharing breastmilk.


This resource is more than a ‘how-to’ guide for the sharing of breastmilk. When working on this project, we realized that we could not present a ‘standard of milk sharing’ nor make statements, without also providing information as to why something is considered the standard, what that something means, and what the alternatives to that standard could be.

The result of our work is a resource document that offers information beyond the scope of what parents and caretakers may want and/or need to know about sharing breastmilk. Nonetheless, we feel that the information can be important for making informed choices. We also hope that this document will help normalize wet-nursing and sharing breastmilk.


‎”It is dangerous for a scholar even to imagine that he might attain complete neutrality, for then one stops being vigilant about personal preferences and their influences —and then one truly falls victim to the dictates of prejudice. Objectivity must be operationally defined as fair treatment of data, not absence of preference.”
–Stephen Jay Gould
Written by Maria Armstrong and Shell Walker.
With special thanks to Tracy Hydeman,

and gratitude to the many reviewers.
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