What questions are typically asked of recipients?

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This list is only a compilation of possible questions. Some donors may ask more or add different questions.
  • How will my milk be used?
  • Are you or your baby being treated for any disease, infection or disorder?
  • Are you or your baby taking medication?
  • Have you and your baby had recent blood work done?
  • Would you be willing to have blood work and/or a health screening done?1
  • Have you spoken with a health care specialist about your breastfeeding issues?
  • Would you like referrals to local resources for breastfeeding support?
  • If the donor needs, are you willing to supply breast pump and supplies?
  • Who will own the supplies and how should the purchase be handled?
  • Are you willing to cover the cost, if any, of donor blood screening?
  • Are you willing to reimburse or provide bottles or bags for milk collection and storage?
  • Will the donation relationship be ongoing or one-time only?
  • How much milk are you expecting/hoping for?
  • Will you be supplementing with breastmilk substitutes or from another donor if needed?
  • How often and when will you be coming to pick up the milk?
  • Do you want all of the milk to be frozen? Would you want fresh, unfrozen milk?
  • Would you like your baby nursed by your donor when possible?
  • Are you familiar with safe handling techniques for breastmilk?
  • Are you educated in at-home heat-treating?
  • Do you have any concerns that need to be addressed or researched further?

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  1. Recipient blood screening: Estabishes a baseline of health for caregivers (mother) and donor, should baby ever become sick. Fair trade of personal information. []

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