I would like to request breastmilk. How do I find a donor?

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Requests for donor milk must be made by the parent, court appointed legal guardian or by someone who is licensed to provide medical care for the baby. If a post is being made on behalf of the parent or court appointed legal guardian, the post must include the recipient(s) and at least on of the following: a link to their Facebook page, their personal phone number or their email address.

On Facefook:

  • Find a local chapter and click on the ‘Like’ button at the top right of the page;
  • Check for current offers on the page that may be suitable;
  • Post a request on the Wall with some background information regarding location, whether this is an ongoing or temporary need, the age of the child, the best way to be contacted, etc.;
  • Check for comments to the request regularly,
  • Connect with potential donors via private messages.

For any assistance with posting, please contact the admin of the page via the ‘Message’ button at the top right of the page.

Because Facebook is a public forum, some people prefer to request breastmilk without revealing their identity. Please contact the admin of the page via the ‘Message’ button with the request and background information. The admin will then post the request on the Wall. It, however, remains the responsibility of the person requesting breastmilk to check on the post and follow up on offers.

Please post a request on pages of neighboring states, as well as the Eats On Feets Home page, if a match cannot be found locally.

It is up to donor and recipient to connect with each other, to check in on posts and to follow up with a request.

Not on Facebook:

  • Please email us with the request and appropriate background information, including a contact to share. The request will be posted on the relevant Facebook page(s) and donors will make private contact.

If donations are needed on a more regular basis, a Facebook account is suggested as it allows for a more effective connection with donors.

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7 Responses to I would like to request breastmilk. How do I find a donor?

  1. Amber says:

    I am in So Cal. I am looking for someone who is willing to give milk, any amount is appreciated. (In San Bernadino County, will travel to surrounding areas)

  2. Jennifer says:

    I am actually looking for a place to sell my surplus of breast milk! Where can I do so? I live in Tennessee.

    • Eats On Feets says:

      Hi Jennifer, Eats On Feets does not support the selling of breastmilk. We provide an online place for sharing breastmilk.

  3. Teese Souza says:

    Hi, we’re adopting a baby (newborn) in May and I’m wondering if maybe this is something I should consider doing for our baby. How can I find a donor in my area? I live in Woodland, Calif (northern calif)…..

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