I have contacted a donor. How do I proceed?

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Discuss with each other how you would like to proceed. Do you want to email a list of questions or ask questions over the phone? Are you a good fit for each other? Do you want to meet in person first? What questions would you like to ask each other? Can you drive to each other? Does the milk need to be shipped? Do you need a pump? Do you want the donor to be screened? Who will cover what costs? Etcetera.

In most cases, Eats on Feets does not personally know the donors, nor does Eats On Feets screen them, so it is imperative that you know your source. While it is true that the sharing of breastmilk offers many benefits, the risk of disease/contamination (albeit extremely low) does exist. Therefore caution needs to be exercised, particularly with premature and sick infants.

Remember to practice safe social networking.

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