What kind of container is breastmilk stored in for shipping?

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For basic safe storing information, please first see ‘How can breastmilk be stored?’

Fresh milk can be stored flat in (self-sealing) freezer bags, with ideally no more than 6 ounces per bag to ensure a uniform shape and freeze/thaw. When laying milk bags in the freezer, it is recommended to fold half an inch of the bag under to allow space for expansion without compromising the seal of the bag. This also provides a relatively uniform shape which makes packing easier. Do not freeze or store in the door of the freezer as the temperature fluctuates too much when opening the door.

Milk stored in plastic or glass bottles or some other type of hard container are best sealed tightly, with several containers placed in sealable freezer bags to ensure that breakage or leakage does not contaminate the entire shipment. Some form of cushion or padding may need to be added to ensure safety of transport.

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