Where did the name ‘Eats On Feets’ come from and how did it all start?

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“Hey, why don’t we just become wet-nurses; instead of Meals on Wheels, we can call ourselves ‘Eats On Feets.’” ~Shell Walker (Luttrell), 1991.

Shell Walker Luttrell, a Phoenix, Arizona midwife started the original Eats On Feets Facebook page in late July of 2010. She thought that ‘Eats On Feets’ would be a fun and lighthearted name for the page.

From Shell Walker‘s original Eats On Feets page:

“I started this page after receiving a phone call from a mom who was desperate to find breast milk for her newborn. I posted her needs on Facebook and the response was immediate and fantastic. I thought it would be awesome if there were a page dedicated to milk sharing and tribe nursing.

So, this is a networking page for families to share and receive milk when needed. I am not responsible for milk sharing results or content shared by other posters.

And a note of caution; KNOW THY SOURCE. While it is true that tribe feeding offers MANY benefits, there is ALWAYS the risk of disease/contamination.

I support many causes and movements but in the spirit of keeping the site as focused as possible status updates are specific to milk sharing.”

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