What does Eats On Feets not do?

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Eats On Feets does not:

  • Provide this document as a final research tool for informed choice.
  • Support or approve of the selling of breastmilk on our network.
  • Match donors and recipients.
  • Accept third party offers or requests without added direct contact information.
  • Suggest our users rely on the results of milk bank screening processes or milk bank donor approval letters for the assurance of safe milk sharing.
  • Allow re-donating donated milk without explicit permission of the original donor and their added contact information.
  • Keep track of matches being made on our page.
  • Screen donors or recipients.
  • Provide clinical advice/care for breastfeeding difficulties.
  • Provide contracts or questionnaires.
  • Dictate who should receive breastmilk.
  • Collect, store or distribute breastmilk.
  • Receive money, payment, donations or funding of any kind.
  • Endorse any product for sale.
  • Purchase advertising or accept advertising on the chapter pages.
  • Reimburse volunteers/supporters.
  • Act as mediators or advisors if difficulties or misunderstandings occur between parties.
  • Accept liability for the outcomes associated with sharing breastmilk.
  • Expect donors to try to increase their supply in order to donate milk.
  • Refer to outside networks, groups, organizations, professionals, etc.

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