What should I know about appropriate (online) social networking? Is it safe?

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Eats On Feets is not responsible for the outcome of donor/recipient arrangements.

Potential risks of social networking can be avoided by following these guidelines.

Successful milk sharing relationships between donors and recipients are based on mutual understanding, informed choice and respect. This process is best done by starting with corresponding via private messages or private email.

If, for any reason, someone does not feel comfortable pursuing or continuing a donor/recipient relationship, they are always free to withdraw from it, regardless of the situation.

If undesired contact keeps occurring, please know that FB has a ‘blocking’ feature. Please also notify the local chapter page and/or a forum administrator via email. Part of safe networking includes keeping your location, and information that could disclose your location (such as digitally uploaded photos), private. Trust your gut feeling!

Some adults might request milk for non-medical reasons. Please see this site for more information. Eats On Feets administrators will delete these types of requests.

For full informed choice process, our network requires that offers and requests are made by individuals who are the legally or clinically responsible party.1 Siblings, children, grandparents, friends, doulas, breastfeeding counselors, nurses etc. are not legally nor clinically responsible. Legal guardians, donors, recipients, midwives, doctors, etc. are.

The exception to this rule is when the third party adds direct contact information in their post in the form of a phone number, email address, FB profile or FB tag for the donor/recipient. This still allows for full informed choice process.

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  1. Someone licensed to provide independent health care []

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